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To use HTML Tags, if other Tags in the appearance would be the same? For the user nothing changes in the appearance, in fact, at least not for the Majority of users, once you get to the aspect of accessibility, except for Eight. How to know a Crawler or a Browser for the Blind that it in the example above, a Header is and one of the first level on top of that? Here, the web author is giving away valuable local business seo packages points in the Ranking because of the semantic Structure of the document can not be detected correctly and thus not to be rated: Because Keywords in Headings are rated higher than Keywords in body text– and nothing else can from the above example are derived. The bottom uses the standardized Day for first-level Headings. Understand that search engines such as barrier-free Browser alike. The correct distinction with the specified Tags is not only for Headings Central. Paragraphs and highlighting, you should always use the designated HTML-Tags. The following table gives you a short Overview the structuring Tags that you use for the on-Page optimization should.

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In the nineties, the use of Frames was very popular and widely used. In the meantime, all sites are returned to a form of representation without Frames, because the Frame technology has some pitfalls. Only in the context the advertising distribution is to be used i small business seo packages frames yet on a regular basis. The idea of Frames, should be already in the run-up to the concept Site to take place and you should be in terms of search engine optimization always be in the negative. Search engines have a hard time with Frames and index Frame pages– if at all– unfortunately, in most cases, is still flawed. What is so different on these Frames, that you prepare search engines such problems? In the case of the possible reasons for the non-observance of a page can be any of the following Google know: Google supports Frames to the extent possible. Frames but produce potentially Problems with search engines, Bookmarks, E-Mail Links, etc., as the basic model the Web– page corresponding to a URL object.

If a user request a full Site as a result, Google gives the frame set. If the Request results as a result of a single page of the Site, Google gives this page. This page will then be displayed in a Frame, because it might be a frame set is associated small business seo services with this page. Normal HTML documents contain the content to be displayed in the Form of Text and image directly in the file. When you use the Frames you created with a frame set -Page first of all, to divide the browser window into different areas of the Frames. Such a page contains a direct own content, but divides only the room in parts, and determines what other HTML documents within this defined frame is displayed. The actual content pages can be side by side at the same time be shown.

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It also speaks of a nesting of the individual Pages to a frame set. Figure 8.6 illustrates this principle. This attribute causes the new Link is opened in the bottom Frame. On this kind of remains the top Navigation always visible, even if it is in the small business seo services lower Frame changes the page or down to scroll. This is the reason why frame set s so fond were used. In the collection of the pages by the web crawlers, it is often at the detection the frame set problems. The actual content of the page, defined through the day, is empty. So for a long time were the pages designed with Frames were not recorded, in the first place. Meanwhile, the major operators values of at least the frame set Tags, and can extract the contents of the Frames. However, the next Problem is here already. Because the search engine detected and indexed the relevant pages of the frame set as individual documents. So would in the example above, the navigation bar separately from the home page indexed. Apart from whether it makes sense, a pure navigation page to index, the search in the result list only the items listed.